Affair Recovery Counseling

Nothing can turn your world upside down like discovering your spouse has been having an affair.  The hurt, anger, and fear are overwhelming.  It’s hard to concentrate, sleep, or even sit still.  Your mind keeps going over and over the details wanting more truth and information, yet fearing the answers.  Recovering from an affair is probably the most difficult marital issue there is.  Trust has been broken, respect has been lost, and hope is at an all-time low in the marriage.  It’s hard to know what you should believe anymore.   You probably have questions like, “can I ever trust her again?” or “how can he say he loves me and have an affair at the same time?  Which is it” looming in your mind.   And what about the kids!  How will they make it through a divorce?  Nothing seems to make sense anymore.  There is hope!

Taking the time and effort to do the initial work needed to stabilize a relationship that is suffering from an affair is critical.  Affair Recovery is not typical couple counseling and should not be treated typically!.  I find it imperative to work with the couple through a very specific process to stabilize their marriage.  I take couples through an affair recovery process called Torn Asunder created by Dave Carder.  This is the most complete process I’ve ever seen.  The first four sessions are designed to understand what caused the marriage to deteriorate.  The remaining sessions are devoted to building a healthy and meaningful marriage.  Couples that go through this process usually understand the “why” of the affair, realize how their marriage was vulnerable to the affair, and learn how to build a healthy, faithful marriage.  There is hope for marriages that have suffered from an affair.  I get to see marriages survive and thrive that were once crippled by one or multiple affairs.

Please give me a call today and let’s set up a meeting to talk about beginning the journey together to stabilize and heal your marriage.  Click here to email me or you can call my office at (615) 369-0650.  I will try to get back to you later today so we can get started as soon as you are ready.

Pastor & Author Chuck Swindoll says, “Fragile feelings. Fragmented relationships. Fractured marriages. Such knotty struggles provide spawning grounds for moral and marital infidelity. Torn Asunder walks the reader into these seldom-mentioned scenes, offering insightful explanations as to why affairs occur, when recovery is possible, and what steps need to be taken to rebuild trust and intimacy. The process is neither pleasant nor easy, but it is realistic, and with God’s help  it can work. I especially appreciate the author’s firm confidence that  shattered marriages can be healed.”

"When I went through the darkest day of my life, in a fox-hole, fighting for a marriage, I looked over and you were there. I never think of you without fighting back tears and deep emotion because of the things you said to me in counseling that literally made the difference between a broken and a mended home. I will gladly refer people to you, knowing they will be in good hands."

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