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Thank you for inquiring about Christian Counseling. 

Since the term “Christian Counseling” can be very confusing, let me be clear: I am a Christian man who counsels. I offer counseling services from a Christian world-view. My master’s degree and licensure is in Professional Counseling; not “Christian Counseling,” “Biblical Counseling,” or “Pastoral Counseling” per se. Though I offer counseling to those who are not Christians, I have had great success helping clients who want Christian Counseling i.e counseling from a Christian perspective. I find that being able to talk about our faith, the power of God, and “who we are in Christ” makes our counseling sessions much more powerful!

Having said that, being in Christian Counseling doesn’t mean that I try to “save” people or try to persuade them to believe what I believe.  

I’m not a preacher nor do I condemn or “preach at” people who have made mistakes.  I’ve made my share of mistakes in life and I sure don’t want to get berated for my past…I doubt you do, either!  

I have had great success counseling with those who want and those who don’t want faith-based counseling. I am here to serve you and your needs.  

Please choose a menu option at the top of this page to get more information on the type of counseling that fits the area in which you are searching.  There are links above for counseling in the areas of Marriage, Depression, Conflict Resolution, and Grief & Loss counseling.  I also work with a lot of couples in the area of Affair Recovery.  

Please fill out the confidential email form by filling out the form to the right and let’s find a time to meet and get started working together on the areas in which you want help.

I hope to talk to you soon.


Chuck Sugar
Chuck Sugar Counseling, PLLC
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