Couple Communication

Lack of communication between partners is one of the main areas in which couples want and need help. Usually early in the relationship communication was natural and easy.

But now communication has become more difficult or non-existent! Though scary, this is a very typical couple dynamic that can be usually be remedied. When the romance of the marriage stops “carrying” the marriage, the marriage relies on the couple’s ability to communicate and resolve conflicts.

Since we don’t usually learn how to do this very well by watching our parents, new connection and communication techniques have to be learned. One of the most rewarding areas of counseling to me is helping couples reconnect and begin healthy communicating again. 

"Chuck, you probably get this a lot but I just want you to know that I so totally believe God led us to you.  I am so grateful.  I don't know the future, but I do know that this counseling/therapy will give us more freedom to become who God created us to be and is such an answer to my prayers.  Thank you."

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