Grief & Loss Recovery

Losing a loved one is such a difficult thing to go through. The saying, “time heals” is only true if you are truly healing. Time can hurt you if you are not grieving the loss properly. This can lead to lack of trust, isolation, anger, hurt, resentment, addictions, staying busy, workaholism, depression, etc.

In grief & loss recovery counseling, going through the grieving process is very important for real healing to take place. Grief recovery is a very specific and critical process in recovering from loss. Feeling sad and talking about it is not enough; completing the grief process is critical to real, long-lasting recovery.

I would love to walk with and help you through this difficult time. There can a fulfilling life after such a significant loss!

Please fill out the confidential email form to the right and let’s find a time to meet and get started working together to beat your depression.

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Chuck Sugar
Licensed Professional Counselor

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